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Works premièred by the Ossian Ensemble

* commissioned by the ensemble

+ for extended ensemble


*Jonathan Cole Ash Relics

*Patrick Nunn Isochronous

*Philip Venables – Fight Music [sextet version]

Bryn Harrison – (a...(leaf falls on loneliness) [with mezzo-soprano]

*Chris Mayo Sturzstrom [sextet version]

*Charlie Piper – Sthee

*Charlie Piper  Siren Song

*Larry GovesRiviniana [promenade version]

*Christopher Austin – Ossian Songs after Schubert [with soprano]: Ossians Lied and Lorma

Edward Nesbit – In the Desert [with soprano]

Piers Tattersall – Three Marian Titles

Matt Rogers – Shoulder to the Wheel [revised version]

*Matt Rogers – Isometric wonderland

*Nimrod Katzir – azza februar

*Aaron Holloway-Nahum – Simple Dances Inspired by Morning

*Darren Bloom – Strange Attractors

*Darren Bloom – Eve [with soprano]

*Darren Bloom – Under a fading star we whisper together

*Darren Bloom – Chaconne

*Darren Bloom – Break

*Darren Bloom – Sleeper

*Tom Lane  Klavierwerk

*Charlotte Harding  Stronsay Sky 

*Tom Peterson – London Saltarello on One Note

*Huw Belling – Destruction's our delight

*James Young – Ghost in the Machine

*Richard Peat  You leave it with me 

*Mark David Boden – The Maiden of Inistore

*Daniel Saleeb – Die Nacht II

*David Rafferty – Lorma

*Paul Max Edlin  Suite from 'Les Indes Galantes' 

Daniel Thomas Davis – Songs and Visions (new version)

Gerald Resch  Autumn

Joanna Wozny  kahles Astwerk

Joanna Wozny – Die Verlorene Pfade II

Marcel Reuter – Haiku

+Dimitris Economou – Storm in a Cup

+Benjamin Oliver – Prelude, Fugue and Riffs

+Benjamin Oliver – Momentum 

+Benjamin Oliver – Smash & Grab

+Stylianos Dimou – Delusive proximity

+Elo Masing – Resonance

+Ted Hearne – Cordavi and Fig

+Oscar Colomina i Bosch  I have to talk to broken things (Hommage à Giotto)

+Matthew Barnson – Chamber Concerto

+Yoshiaki Onishi – Vague I

+Richard Harrold – Beak

+Martin Suckling Breathe 

Martin Suckling – Three Venus Haiku

Maxim Boon  Canto 2

Maxim Boon – Kintsukuroi

Philippe Kocher  Il neige au soleil

Daniel Saleeb  She walketh veiled and sleeping

Solfa Carlile – Crazy Jane

Jordan Hunt Quintet

Edward Caine – Tout les matins du monde 

Geoff Hannan – Work [chamber version]

+German Alonso – living on a cigarette with wine

+Raffaele Grimaldi – Lychnus II

+Victor Ibarra – Alice

+Daniel Saleeb – Die Nacht

+Jae-moon Lee – 1+1=1/Panorama

+Giuliano Bracci – C'e un giardino chiaro

+Hugo Ribeiro – Danza

+Hugo Ribeiro – Diurne: alter ego

+Mihyun Woo – Still Life

+Miguel Farias – Tambora Strings

+Yuko Ohara – The Enthalpy of Vaporization

+Clara Iannotta – Il color della'ombra

+Florent Motsch – Light and Shade

+Mateu Malondra Flaquer – Signals and Bipolar Coordinates

+Philip Dawson – Chimera

+Mike Solomon – norman (age 7) dreams of being a violin

+Nicolas Tzortzis – Femme-tete-temps

+Antonin Servière – Postscaenia

+Ryan Latimer – Beta and Tau

Marcel Reuter – Autumn

Neil Georgeson – Simmermill

Sebastian Jatz-Rawicz – Studies for Antimusic



Repertoire for ensemble, previously performed

+ for extended ensemble


Maxwell Davies – Eight Songs for a Mad King [with baritone]

Maxwell Davies – Miss Donnithorne's Maggot [with soprano]

Maxwell Davies – Missa l'homme arme [with soprano]

Maxwell Davies – Antechrist

Schoenberg/Webern – Chamber Symphony no 1 

Schoenberg – Pierrot Lunaire [with soprano]

Messiaen – Quartet for the End of Time

Harvey – Quantumplation

Harvey – The Riot

Adès – Court Studies from The Tempest

Adès – Catch

Grisey – Talea

Boulez – Dérive 1

+Ligeti – Chamber Concerto

+Kagel – Die Stücke der Windrose [selection]

Stockhausen – Dr K Sextett

Berio – O King [with mezzo-soprano]

Andriessen – Workers' Union

Lindberg – Quintetto dell'estate

Crumb – Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale)

Crumb – Eleven echoes of Autumn

Crumb – Dream Sequence (Images II)

+Geoff Hannan – Work/Bonk

+Edmund Finnis – Frame/Refrain

Richard Causton  Phoenix

Bent SørensenDeserted Churchyards

Martin Bresnick My Twentieth Century

Jennifer Higdon  Zaka

Tansy DaviesGrindshow (unplugged)

Jonathan Cole – Caught

Diana Burrell  Piece no. 80

Diana Burrell  Double Image

Bryn Harrison – Rise

Sherlaw Johnson – Quintet

Mark Bowden  Stealing Poison

Charlie Piper  The Two-Headed Nightingale

Anna Meredith  Beltane

Christopher Mayo  from any brazen throat

Steve Crowther – Kiszko

David Lumsdaine – Bagatelles

Daniel Thomas DavisTime, my cruel and beautiful mistress

Elspeth BrookeDawnriders

Ed Bennett – Breath (UK première)

Marcel Reuter – Noche Oscura (UK première)

Gerald Resch  Muster (UK première)

Gerald Resch  Splitter (UK première)

Dobrinka Tabakova – Frozen River Flows

Dobrinka Tabakova  Morning Song

Thea Musgrave – Pierrot

Ned Rorem – End of Summer

Stravinsky  Suite from the Soldier's Tale

Bartók – Contrasts

+Saint-Saëns – Carnival of the Animals

with new Ossian-commissioned movements by:

Tom Lane, Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Philip O'Meara, Solfa Carlile, Bruno Gabirro, James Murray, Christopher Chong, Huw Belling, Eoin Roe, Laurie Tompkins, Maya Kashif, Michael Yoganayagam



Duo works 


Harvey  Run Before Lightning

Harvey – Nataraja

Xenakis Charisma

Bent Sørensen  Sieben Sehnsüchte

Andrew Ford Female Nude

Geoff Hannan  Four Short Songs

Darren BloomDuo for violin and cello

Bernhard GanderWelcome

Ligeti – Hommage a Hilding Rosenberg

Schnittke  Quasi una sonata

Schulhoff – Violin Sonata

Crumb – Night Music II

Berg – Vier Stücke, op 5

Webern  Vier Stücke, op 7

Ravel  Sonata for violin and cello

Szymanowski  Mythes

Pfitzner  Violin sonata

Richard Strauss  Ophelialieder



Solo works


Ablinger – Voices and Piano [selections]

SchnittkeA Paganini

Takemitsu Itinerant

XenakisRebonds B

Harvey – Vers

Anna Meredith – Flex

Lasse Thoresen – Solspill 

Knussen – Masks

Stravinsky – Three pieces for solo clarinet

StravinskyThree movements from Petrushka

Crumb  Makrokosmos

Ligeti – Cello Sonata

Ligeti  Musica Ricercata

Messiaen  Le banquet celeste

Messiaen  Apparition de l'eglise eternelle

Maxwell Davies – Seven Brightnesses

Philip GlassMusic in contrary motion

John Adams  China Gates

Roger Marsh – Chaconne

Darren BloomPull



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