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The premiere of Ash Relics was the best performance I've ever had of any of my pieces.

Jonathan Cole


I found working with the Ossian Ensemble an encouraging and inspiring musical experience - they have an incredibly musical approach to any new work, and such enthusiasm for contemporary music of all styles, making every composer feel valued and respected. 

Charlotte Harding


A brilliant evening: it was very rewarding to have the journey and drama of a whole range of new music in different spaces

Judith Ackrill

Arts Consultant

Not being very familiar with modern music, it was an amazing introduction - dramatic, well choreographed and organised, focussing your listening in a different way.

Sanjeeda Ahmed

Audience member

 They combine integrity and passion with supreme brilliance and wonderful dramatic flair, revealing new music as the beautiful thing it is.

Paul Max Edlin

Composer, Artistic Director of Deal Festival

I won’t ever forget the spectacle of theatre and music -  fused so well.

Justine Chan

Audience member

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